Gravel Bed Tree Nursery

Gravel Bed Tree Nursery

The City has a gravel bed tree nursery for bare root trees located in Wakanda Park near the Park Maintenance building.

What is a gravel bed tree nursery?

  • A gravel bed tree nursery is an area enclosed with wood and filled with over a foot of pea gravel.
  • Bare root trees are placed in the pea gravel and watered through an irrigation system.

What are the benefits of a gravel bed tree nursery?

  • Gravel bed tree nurseries allow the bare root trees to grow extensive root systems, increasing their ability to survive once planted.
  • Bare root trees are typically 1/3 of the cost of a ball and burlap tree, allowing the City to cost-effectively plant larger numbers of trees.
  • Bare root trees are easier to plant, using less equipment and labor than a ball and burlap tree.
  • More tree species are available in bare root compared to ball and burlap, which allows the City to increase the diversity of our urban forest.
Photo of trees inside a gravel bed tree nursery with a fence to enclosure the structure.