Online Registration

How to Get Started

Request a new account. It may take up to 24 hours to process your request. Once the online Account is active, you can add members of your family. A convenience fee is applied to all online transactions. By setting up your account, you will be able to register for all Parks and Recreation programs and Wakanda Waterpark passes.

View if you already have an account and would like to register for activities now.

What Online Registration Allows You to Do

  • Anytime - Register from your home or the office around the clock, seven days a week
  • Private - Access your secure account details, family schedule, and historical receipts
  • Quick - Avoid the lines
  • Secure - Safe online payments with Visa and Mastercard
  • Timely - Receive email confirmations within minutes of registering
  • Review the Number of class openings in all activities

Additional Information

  • One Household Only - In order to help assure that the registration process is fair to all, you may only register for members of your immediate household. It will not be acceptable for one person to register neighbors/friends/extended relatives along with your own registrations. Only parents/legal guardians may register youth participants.
  • Payment by Credit Card - The Menomonie Parks and Recreation Department accepts only MasterCard and Visa for all registration and program payments.
  • Read Your Receipt - Read the receipt to verify that you are enrolled in the correct class/session. Any program changes in dates, times, or special requirements will be noted there.
  • Register First - Persons must register prior to participation in any program through one any of the registration methods. Class registrations are not accepted at program sites. Be prepared to show your receipt at the first class session.