Street Department

Services Provided

  • City-owned tree maintenance
  • Crack filling
  • Curb/gutter
  • Painting
  • Patching
  • Seal coating

  • Sidewalk repair and replacement
  • Sign maintenance
  • Snow and ice removal
  • Storm water maintenance
  • Street sweeping
  • Traffic signal maintenance

Banner Schedule/Requirements

Up to 40 feet long (max), 3 feet wide from snap to snap, interlocking safety snaps every 2 feet at the top of the banner, every 4 feet on the bottom. Air holes every 2 feet apart, with 8 inches crescent. 5/16 inch spring snap clips must be provided (one for each grommet). Clips must be large enough to snap over 3/8 inch cable, canvas, or like material, supplying two 50 feet lengths of 3/8 inch nylon rope. (1 for the top of the banner and one for the bottom of the banner) rope must be built into a banner, center banner on 60 feet of rope, and include 2 extra snaps. 

Banner Purpose

The intent of the banner is to promote civic events and charitable functions sponsored by the various non-profit groups and service clubs of the community.

The advertising of for-profit businesses, endorsements for public office, and other quasi-political functions are prohibited. Any questions on the interpretation or administration of this policy will be given to the City Administrator for his review and final decision.

Mail Box Policy

Mailboxes damaged during snow plowing events in the City of Menomonie will only be replaced by the City if there is clear evidence that the mailbox or post was directly struck by a City-owned and operated plow blade. If the mailbox was damaged by snow coming off the plow and if the mailbox or post is considered by the City to be weak and substandard, the repair is the responsibility of the property owner. Extra large mailboxes or specialty mailboxes made of plastic or decorative mailboxes damaged by City plow equipment will be replaced only with standard metal boxes approved by U.S. Postal Service. Mailbox repair or replacements performed by the City will be accomplished within two business days if at all possible.

Spring and Fall Yard Waste Cleanups

All residential yard waste must be marked or tagged "City Pickup", and placed curbside. 

Leaves and grass in bags (50 pounds max per bag) and bundled brush (not exceeding 4 feet in length or 50 pounds) all items to be collected must be distinctly marked or tagged. If your regular garbage collection falls on the same day as the city pickup, please separate it from the marked or tagged items.

Please place items curbside by 7 am on pickup day, but no sooner than the day before. Nothing will be picked up in the alleys. Contact Community Service Department for questions at 715-232-2302.

Individuals may also deposit yard waste at the city landfill on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 7 to Noon. (Contact the Menomonie City Landfill)

The City of Menomonie provides a semi-annual city-wide cleanup in the Spring and in the Fall. We will provide curbside pickup of lawn and garden disposal items only in compostable/biodegradable bags. (No black or blue bags)

Biodegradable bags (paper or plastic) shall meet ASTMD-6400 standards and shall clearly be labeled "Compostable" or Biodegradable". Questions may be forwarded to the Menomonie Street Department at 715-232-2302 or City Hall at 715-232-2221.

Depositing of Trash / Leaves / Grass in Streets

  • It is prohibited pursuant to City Ordinance Chapter 7-1-4:A.1
  • No person, firm, or corporation shall place or deposit any leaves, grass, garbage, ashes, refuse, or other rubbish between the curbs or between the curb lines of any street within the corporate limits of the city, or in any gutter, ditch or drain along or in any such street.
  • If you do not comply, the police will issue a citation and the street department will clean up and bill the owner of the property. Expenses not paid will become a lien against the property and entered on the tax roll as a special charge.