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Menomonie Senior High School

90 Acres (10 acres developed)

Facilities: Eight tennis courts, football field, track, softball field, open space for
additional field games, school building--restroom, lockers, water and telephone.

Service Area: General area to include the southern half of the City, especially the
south-southwest corner.

Natural Features: Topography divides the site into the upper fields (practice,
softball and tennis) and the lower fields (football, track and baseball). The site is
bounded on the north by Galloway Creek and the west by the Red Cedar River. The
are adjacent to both waterways is heavily wooded.

Special Features: The proximity to the Red Cedar, the wooded banks and vast
open areas. A landform resembling a drumlin is located on the south end of the

Maintenance: Generally good. Sandy soil does create management concerns.

Access: Pedestrian access limited to the Fowler neighborhood and River Heights
neighborhood. Vehicular access to the site form the general community is good.

Development Plans
The School District will prepare a development plan. The large site affords the
opportunity to program additional activities. Expansion would be internal.
The site needs space definition that could be created by planting and/or earth