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Dunn County Recreation Park

53.8 Acres

Facilities: Parking, restrooms year-round, picnic area, track, grandstand, arena (ice
hockey) exhibition buildings, lighted ball fields, water and electricity. This park is owned,
operated, and maintained by Dunn County.

Service Area: Dunn County Recreation Park services the region at fair time and special
events other times of the year. The community uses the park for local events and
recreation activities.

Natural Features: These include sandy soils that are reasonably well-drained and high
hills on the south end of the site. These hills are heavily wooded in certain areas. Very
little use has been made of the south entry road that defines the midway area at fair time.
As the snow melts in the spring, it creates problems. The sandy soils absorb a great deal of
water rapidly, but the flatness of the site near the arena area has created water problems.

Special Features: Ice arena, grandstand, track and other exhibition structures.

Maintenance: There is intense use for short periods of time. Roads as well as parking
areas need to be defined.

Signage: No entrance sign.

Access: Main Street entrance is well-defined.
City of Menomonie Park Plan 2007-2012 64

Development Plan: Dunn County is responsible for the development plan. Internal
reorganization would result in improved circulation and space utilization. The site should be
programmed for more use. On-site circulation and space use needs to be redefined. Future
use plans should be developed in cooperation with the City, Menomonie School District and