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Traditional Yet Progressive

River Heights

Size: 14.18 Acres

Facilities: Play apparatus, jungle gym, swings and a small hard court area. A
large open play area is located between the school and an adjacent residential
neighborhood. The ice rink is maintained by the city in the winter and the open
area is used for flag football in the fall.

Service Area: The park serves the immediate neighborhood. Ball diamonds are
used by university students in the fall.

Natural Features: Open/few trees, flat and has sandy soil.

Maintenance: Maintenance is conducted as required. Little has been done to
improve the appearance. Shrubs and trees are old and a replacement planting
program should be established.

Access: Vehicular and pedestrian access.

Development Plan
The park is a pleasing open space in an older residential neighborhood, an
attractive amenity. There is a need for additional trees and landscaping.
Potential lighting may be added as well as a drinking fountain and a shelter with
restrooms. Plans have been developed for the redevelopment of the playground

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