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Wastewater Utility

Located at: 620 11th Avenue West, Menomonie, WI 54751

Paul Sterk

Wastewater Supt.

Phone:  715-232-2175

Fax: 715-232-2249

After hours:  pager for sewer back-ups: 715-664-5445, after hours emergency or sewer back-ups, Police Dept. 715-232-1283.

Hours of Operation:


  • Office hours-Monday -Friday, 7:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M.
  • Plant hours-Monday-Sunday, 7:30 A.M.-3P.M.

The Wastewater Utility provides wastewater treatment for the City of Menomonie.  The wastewater plant treats only the wastewater that flows through the sanitary sewer system (toilets, sinks, floor drains, industrial process water, etc).  The storm sewer system (street & parking lot drains) are separate, & flow directly to Lake Menomin or the Red Cedar River.  The wastewater treatment plant has a Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit issued by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources .  This permit imposes strick discharge limits & monitoring requirements on the wastewater treatment plant.  Just before being discharged to the Red Cedar River; the wastewater is sampled on a flow proportional basis, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.  The results are reported to the DNR to ensure that requirements are being met.  The wastewater is tested for biochemical oxygen demand, total phosphorus, total suspended solids, ammonia, and pH daily.  The wastewater is disinfected with chlorine the dechlorinated with sodium bisulfite from May 1st to September 30th each year. During that time, fecal coliform bacteria analysis is performed to ensure the chlorine is killing any harmful organisms.  The wastewater is also periodically tested for acute & chronic whole effluent toxicity & mercury.

Please feel free to contact the wastewater treatment plant staff if you have any questions.


  • David Horst, Operator Mechanic, 800 Wilson Ave., Menomonie, WI 54751, 715-232-2175, Fax 715-232-2249
  • Dave Lieffort, Lab Technician, 800 Wilson Ave., Menomonie, WI  54751, 715-232-2175, 715-232-2249 Fax

Plant Tour Contact:

  • Paul Sterk, Superintendent, 800 Wilson Ave., Menomoine, WI   54751, 715-232-2175, 715-232-2249 Fax

Sewer Backups

  • Call the Wastewater Treatment Plant, 715-232-2175, during business hours, 7:30  A.M.-3:00 P. M.  After hours, Weekends, & Holidays: call 715-232-1283 & we will be contacted.
  • We will check out the sewer main line & inform you if the blockage is in the Cities main sewer or if it is in your private pipe from your building to the sewer main (lateral).
  • In the case of the private pipe (lateral) from your building to the sewer main, the City is not responsible & we will inform you of that.

Anti-freeze & Motor Oil

Do not dispose of your used anti-freeze or motor oil down the sewer as they are recyclable products.  The sewer use ordinance also prohibits the dumping of such material down the drain.  The Dunn county Transfer Station  at E3900 Highway 29, Menomonie, WI will take the material & recycle it.

Sewer gas in my dwelling:

  • All drains & fixtures in a dwelling are supposed to be hooked to a vent pipe which extends up through the roof to expel back pressure in your plumbing system.  Drains are protected from gas escaping into a dwelling by a "goose neck" or water trap in the drain.  This is true for floor drains, sinks, and toilets.  If this water in the trap evaporates because of extended non-use, the gas can escape into the dwelling.  A simple solution is to add water to that drain & any drain which is not used that often.  If this does not solve the problem, it would be a good idea to have you venting system inspected. 

Where can I dump my holding tank on my RV?

  • Stop at the Wastewater plant during business hours.  There is no cost if you are a city resident.

Sewer Backup:

  • Call the wastewater treatment plant immediately. 
  • Our staff will inspect the sewer line in the road in front of your home or businesss to ensure it is not backed up.
  • Tree roots are the most common cause.
  • If the sewer lateral is privately owned, it is the property owners responsibility to fix it and might have to call a plumber.

The water in my toilet just sprayed into the air & made a mess.  What's going on here?

  • The sewer utility crews uses a high pressure jet of water to clean the sanitary sewers in the street. The sewer system in your home or business is vented through a pipe that runs up through your walls & out your roof.  This venting system is designed to relieve pressure in the sewer system so gases in the piping come out through the pipe in your roof, & not through your toilet or drains.  If this is what is occurring, then your venting system may be plugged.  sometimes this is caused by birds or squirrels building a nest in the vent pipe on your roof.  It would be a good idea to have your plumbing system inspected.

 Citizens of Menomonie can do their part to reduce operations and maintenance costs by putting the following items in the trash, rather than down sink drains or toilets.

Items That Should Not Be Put Down Drains or Toilets

  • Dental floss
  • Disposable gloves
  • Plastics
  • Items made of cloth
  • Disposable wipes or diapers