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Online Citizen Resource Bank Form

The City Council has created a Citizen Resource Bank made up of citizens of Menomonie (individuals must reside within city limits) whose primary qualification is their interest in participating in city government. When vacancies occur on boards, commissions and committees, the City Council draws upon this bank for appointments. Special Committees are also appointed for the purpose of working on specific projects.
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Please provide a summary of your background, knowledge and experience in the areas you are interested being on the board, commission or committee of and indicate why you wish to serve. Attaching support documentation, such as a resume, is very helpful! Please email documents to with the subject line of "Citizen Resource Bank Form".
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Boards, Commissions and/or Committees you are interested in

Airport Commission
Board of Review
Board of Zoning Appeals
Recreation Advisory Board
Economic Development Revolving Loan
Historic Preservation Commission
Urban Forestry
Community Development Commission
Menomonie Housing Authority
Police & Fire Commission
Tourism Commission
Parking Utility Commission
Plan Commission
Municipal Library Board