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Storm Water Information

The City of Menomonie has established a Storm Water Utility effective starting January 1, 2008.  Revenues from the Storm Water Utility will be used to comply with state and federal mandates regarding outreach and education, detection and elimination of illicit discharges, construction of water quality treatment systems, etc. The 2009 Annual Report will be on-line soon. 


All property owners in the City of Menomonie will see their first storm water utility charges on the quarterly utility bill in April 2008.  Single family homes will be charged $9.00 per quarter and other establishments will be charged based on the amount of impervious surface.  If you have any questions on the utility, please contact the Director of Public Works, Randy Eide, at 232-2207.

Stormwater Sewer System Maps
Basins and Outfalls 2.2.1
Endangered Resources and Wetlands 2.8.2

MS4 Outfalls 2.8.3
Municipal Stormwater Management Facilities 2.8.5

Parks and Recreational Public Works Facilities 2.8.6 – 2.8.8 

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