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City Burning Regulations and Permit
City of Menomonie Burning Regulations (Summary):
  • Recreational fires (any fire such as a campfire or cooking fire, fire pit or portable manufactured fire container for the purpose of recreational and personal enjoyment)
  1. Must be 25’ from any structure.
  2. Cannot be in an area larger than 3’ x 3’.
  3. Must be located within a pit with a minimum depth of 10" and shall be covered when not in use.  
  4. The pit must be surrounded on the outside by a noncombustible material for a 12” width all around the perimeter.
  5. All fires shall be contained within a pit or other container in which the combustible material is located and shall not have a flame height exceeding 4’ from the base of the fire.
  6. Fires must be supervised at all times by a competent person who is age 16 or older.
  7. Only dry, untreated and unpainted clean wood may be used in a recreational fire.
  8. Fires shall not be allowed to cause smoke which would constitute a public nuisance or cause a traffic hazard because of diminished visibility.
  9. Fires utilizing manufactured portable fire containers shall be located on the ground and must be constructed of noncombustible material.
No permit is required for these fires.

  • Cooking fires
  1. The above regulations for recreational fires shall not apply to cooking fires.
  2. Outdoor cooking apparatus is defined as a charcoal grill, gas grill, smoker, camping stove or similar apparatus designed exclusively for cooking food.
  3. Outdoor cooking apparatus shall only be used outdoors and at ground level.
  4. Cooking fires are generally allowed during burning ban conditions except under extreme conditions.

 No permit is required for these fires.


Any other fires need to be approved by the Fire Chief.

This form is a City of Menomonie Burning Permit and must be filled out, printed and signed before a permit is issued. No burning is permitted until this is signed by the city officials at the bottom of the form. The form needs to be brought to the fire departments at 2417 Wilson Street or 116 Main Street West, Menomonie, WI. You must have 3 continuous acres to obtain a burning permit within the city limits.

For further information, contact the Fire Department or visit the city code at;

City of Menomonie Burning Permit Form

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