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General Information

General Information

Note: There will be no phone-in registration accepted for any programs.

Dates listed for programs may not be in consecutive order.

All fees should accompany the registration forms. Failure to pay by the deadline will result in the removal of the name from the class list. Fees may be subject to change due to budget limitations.

State law require sales tax be collected on certain programs and services. Fees shown do not include this tax. Instructional programs are exempt.

It is the responsibility of the parent or program participant to notify and/or inform the Menomonie Recreation Department office staff, at the time of enrollment/registration, of any medical (physical or mental) condition that may/could require special consideration
by the MRD staff. This is for everyone's protection. MRD staff will respect your confidentiality.

The Menomonie Recreation Department is committed to conducting its recreation programs, activities and services in the safest manner possible and holds the safety of participants in the highest regard. Participants and parents registering their child
in recreation programs, or in using MRD equipment or facilities, such as ball diamonds, picnic shelters and renting the Leisure Services Center, must recognize, however, that there is an inherent risk of injury when choosing to participate in recreation activities. The Menomonie Recreation Department continually strives to reduce such risks and insists that all participants follow safety rules and instructions which have been designed to protect the participant's safety.

Please recognize that the Menomonie Recreation Department does not carry medical accident insurance for injuries sustained in its programs, or while using equipment or facilities. The cost would make program fees and rental charges prohibitive. Therefore, each person registering themselves or a family member should review their personal health insurance policy for coverage.

The Department offers three program brochures throughout the year.  They are Winter/Spring, Summer and Fall . Brochures will be distributed to Menomonie Area Public and Parochial Schools and are available to be viewed online.

Applications for employment can be obtained at the recreation office. Some restrictions may apply due to Wisconsin Child Labor Laws. For further information, contact our office.

Most programs require a minimum enrollment based on necessary revenues, before they will be conducted. Cancellations may occur if minimums are not attained. The department reserves the right to adjust class times if necessary, due to enrollment
levels, or other circumstances beyond our control.

All adult programs, except trips, are available to senior citizen residence of the Menomonie School District, 60 years and older, at 50% of the regular fee.

A copy of the Menomonie Recreation Department Rules and Regulations Governing Adult Leagues and Tournaments is available upon request. Specific information concerning the adult leagues is contained in this book. All players are held responsible for the knowledge of its contents.

Contact the Recreation Department to register your interest in new courses. When a sufficient number of individuals are enrolled, a course will be developed at a convenient time. Usually six to twelve participants are needed to begin a course at a reasonable cost.

Menomonie Recreation Department programs, facilities and services are subject to compliance with federal law relating to accessibility. If you or someone you know has a disability and is interested in attending our participating in a program, activity or service, MRD will make reasonable accommodations to facilitate that opportunity, such as removing barriers, selecting alternative sites or revising policies and practices. Please contact MRD well in advance of an event or program so that adequate services
may be provided.

The Menomonie Recreation Department staff may videotape or photograph participants enrolled in programs, classes, events or enjoying facilities. These photographs are for Menomonie Recreation publications, fliers, brochures or staff training purposes.
All photos taken on City of Menomonie property are for city use and become the sole property of the city.

Refunds on fees or charges for Recreation Department programs and services will be made under the following conditions:

  1. A full refund will be granted when programs are cancelled, postponed or changed to a date/time which could prevent participation.
  2. A refund, less $5.00 service charge, will be granted when a person cancels from a program or service at least three business days prior to a program or service is scheduled to begin.
  3. No refund will be granted when a person cancels from a program or service after three business days prior to a program or service is scheduled to begin.

Procedure for refunds:

  1. Request refund from department either in person or in writing.
  2. A voucher will be initiated after the program or service was scheduled to end. Exceptions include programs cancelled by the department.